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Maintain Sanitary Code Logs

In Massachusetts, medical and biological waste is regulated by 105 CMR 480, Minimum Requirements for the Management of Medical or Biological Waste (State Sanitary Code Chapter VIII).

The MA Department of Public Health, the regulatory authority enforcing this code, has developed logs to document the disposal of biological or medical waste from facilities. In accordance with the Sanitary Code, all waste removed from a facility must be logged onto a Medical or Biological Waste Record-Keeping Log for off-site treatment. This recordkeeping requirement is in addition to the requirements to utilize and maintain biological waste manifests for shipments of waste for off-site treatment and disposal. The hazmat employees signing the manifests should also be the individuals signing the log. In cases where facilities have decided to autoclave their biological waste on-site, a Medical or Biological Waste Record-Keeping Log for on-site treatment, needs to be maintained to document the approved treatments. There are quality control and challenge testing requirements that must be adhered to whenever waste is treated on-site.

Remember to maintain these logs for all biological waste disposals, whether on-site or off-site.

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