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Liven Up Training with Mock Spill Drills

Are you looking for ways to engage attendees during annual safety training refreshers? Have you ever considered setting up mock spill scenarios for participants to clean-up during training?

It is one thing to cover spill procedures in detail while sitting in a conference room, but another scenario all together to go into the lab and walk though cleaning up a mock spill. Some of the laboratory workers at your facility may not have any idea what the inside of the spill kits look like. Opening up the spill kits, and unraveling all the contents is an important measure to take. Actually pulling out the spill pads and booms, donning the personal protective equipment, and pretending to clean up a ‘spill’ provides people with a much better sense of what they would encounter during a real incidental spill situation. Digging into the spill kit for the first time during an actual spill is a situation you want to avoid.

Of course all spills need to be handled in compliance with your established policies, and no one should ever clean up a spill without having the necessary training.

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