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Keep Your Staffing Plan Updated

The operation of wastewater treatment works, including pH neutralization systems, requires the submission of a staffing plan to the MA Department of Environmental Protection. This staffing plan is required to describe the personnel that will maintain the wastewater treatment system and outline a plan to provide that coverage.

The exact details of what must be covered in the staffing plan are stipulated in 314 CMR 12. The staffing plan is required to be submitted to the MA DEP within 30 days of receiving confirmation of the wastewater treatment system grading from the MA DEP.

Staffing plans must be updated if there are any changes to the personnel providing coverage, or other changes that have an effect on the plan. At a minimum, staffing plans must be updated and resubmitted to the DEP every two years. It is easy to forget to submit an updated staffing plan if there are no changes, so be sure to set a reminder when the two year update is necessary.

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