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Keep Emergency Contacts’ Information Updated

When was the last time you updated the emergency contact information posted throughout your facility?  How readily available are the phone numbers for your emergency coordinator, back up emergency coordinator, and safety officers?

We recommend posting emergency phone lists by all of the phones in the laboratories and other select locations.  These lists should have the phone numbers for key personnel to be contacted in the event of an incident, including members of the safety team, key facilities staff, select regulatory contacts, and anyone else that would be called upon during an incident.  In addition, highly visible emergency binders or flip charts should be placed throughout the laboratories.  These binders serve as a quick reference guides for responding to potential incidents at the facility, and should contain detailed information on response procedures.  Doors leading into lab space should also list key safety officers for that lab area along with the hazards present.

Once these crucial pieces of emergency information are put in to place, be sure to keep all of the contact information and procedures up to date.  As safety officers change, be sure to update all of the phone numbers and binders displayed throughout the space.  As your lab areas evolve, ensure emergency contact information remains highly visible and accessible.

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