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Keep an Eye on Sash Positions

All of the fume hoods at your facility need to be certified on an annual basis. The certification process verifies that the fume hoods are all operating as they should be and are therefore providing adequate protection for the workers utilizing a fume hood.

As part of the annual certification, a sticker indicating the proper sash location will be placed on the hood. Users may need to be reminded to keep the sash below the indicated height on a regular basis. There are three types of sashes – vertical, horizontal, and combination. Vertical sashes operate by moving up and down, while horizontal sashes operate by moving side to side. The combination sash incorporates the horizontal pane system into a vertical sash, allowing the user to choose which option is appropriate for the work being conducted. When working in a combination fume hood, the sash should only be operated in one direction at a time. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and users must be fully aware of the benefits and limitations of each option.

While walking through the labs at your facility, keep an eye on the positioning of the sashes.

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