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RTK Right-to-Know NYC

It’s Your Right to Know About NYC’s Community Right-to-Know Deadline

In accordance with New York City’s Community Right-to-Know (RTK) Law, facilities that used, stored or handled certain hazardous substances above Threshold Reporting Quantities (TRQ) in 2022 must file a Tier II report with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection by March 1, 2023.

While Tier II reporting is a common requirement throughout the United States, New York City’s List of Hazardous Substances differs from the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know (EPCRA) lists—the threshold reporting quantities are lower, and the list includes chemicals that are commonly found in a life science or biotech laboratory.

NYC’s Community RTK law does not only require inventory reporting to the NYC DEP, it also requires appropriate labeling of reportable chemicals within a facility. The chemical container must be labeled with the chemical name, the CAS number and any appropriate hazard warnings.

For additional information about the NYC Community RTK Law and how it affects your facility, please email us at [email protected].

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