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Is Your Semi-Annual Wastewater Discharge Sampling Scheduled?

Does your facility hold a Category 2 MWRA permit? If so, it is likely that you are required to conduct semi-annual sampling by June 30, 2014.

Many cities and towns located in Eastern Massachusetts fall under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Toxic Reduction and Control (TRAC) Department for industrial wastewater discharge.  Life Science companies that discharge greater than 300 gallons per day of effluent often hold Category 2 permits with the MWRA, which typically require semi-annual sampling of the effluent. This sampling must be conducted following applicable EPA approved procedures, with chain of custody documentation showing submission to a certified laboratory.  The sampling results should be sent directly to the MWRA, however it is important to remember to review the results as soon as they are received to check for any elevated results.  Every facility is responsible for notifying their local Industrial Coordinator of any results showing non-compliance in accordance with notification requirements stipulated in 360 CMR 10.

360 CMR 10.023 stipulates specific prohibitions for discharge into the MWRA system, which includes hazardous waste, noxious or malodorous substances, flammable materials, liquids with a temperature higher than 180oF, etc. In addition, 360 CMR 10.024 stipulates the specific daily maximum discharge limitations in both the Metropolitan Sewerage Service Area and the Clinton Sewerage Service Area.

If your permit requires this sampling, make sure it is conducted by June 30th, the results are reviewed upon receipt, and any elevated results are addressed immediately.

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