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Is Your Emergency Generator Compliance Documented?

There are so many aspects to consider when running a comprehensive EHS program. Make sure that you are including emergency generator compliance requirements as part of your program.

There are various operating and recordkeeping requirements for emergency generators stipulated in 310 CMR 7.00, MA DEP’s Air Pollution Control Regulation. Emergency generators constructed, reconstructed, or altered after March 23, 2006 are required to comply with additional operating and recordkeeping requirements, as stipulated in the regulation. Depending on the installation date and rated power output, an Environmental Results Program Certification may be required to be submitted to the MA DEP. Be sure that you are aware of the applicable sections of the regulation and full compliance is achieved.

It is important to remember that normal maintenance and testing procedures need to be counted toward the limit of 300 hours of operation during any rolling 12-month period. Documentation is a critical component of any compliant EHS program, so be sure to maintain complete records for the emergency generators at your facility.

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