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Implement a Safety Moment

Have you ever considered implementing a safety moment at your facility? This practice only takes a few minutes out of your week and can have significant impact on the safety culture at your facility.

At the beginning of company meetings, a senior manager taking one minute to talk about a particular element of the safety program not only reminds everyone in attendance about the point being discussed, it also demonstrates the value being placed on the overall safety program. If there are smaller group meetings that take place on a weekly basis, attendees could take turns talking about what they feel are the most relevant safety reminders.

Incorporating safety into the routine at you facility instead of waiting for annual refresher training sessions or retraining sessions that are focused solely on EHS is an important step. You might be amazed by the impact safety moments can have on the overall view of the safety program being implemented. When management demonstrates support for the safety program and everyone feels they add value and input into the policies and procedures being implemented, a positive view of safety is fostered. This in turn leads to greater compliance with the policies and procedures, and more proactive implementation of safety precautions.

Consider taking the time to implement safety moments at your facility and see what an impact it has.

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