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Have You Considered a Bail Out Binder?

All employees should be thoroughly familiar with the emergency response procedures established for your facility. In addition to training and emergency information being posted, have you considered developing a ‘bail out binder’ to take with you in the event of an evacuation?

Contents of the bail out binder should include information that would be helpful for emergency responders and company personnel to reference during an evacuation. This includes emergency contact information, emergency response procedures, roll call lists, a map detailing the locations of hazardous materials, and safety data sheets for highly hazardous chemicals or chemicals possessed in large volumes. The bail out binder should be located at the reception desk, or other convenient location that is easily accessible in the event of an evacuation. Appropriate individuals, such as emergency coordinators, should be designated to take the binder on their way out of the building.

Some local fire departments want to have access to a hazmat floor plan during an evacuation to assist in their response. Emergency responders may also request SDSs for highly hazardous chemicals or chemicals that are used or stored in large volumes. Be prepared by having the information organized and easily accessible.

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