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Have You Checked Your Flammable Cabinet Shelves Lately?

Everyone knows flammable cabinets are used to store flammable liquids and other flammable materials. But do you know the importance of properly securing the shelving?

Numerous chemical spills have resulted from flammable cabinet shelves collapsing. In some cases, the spill resulted in a laboratory fire. Taking measures to ensure the security of flammable cabinet shelving is an important part of your chemical safety program. Each shelf must properly fit in the cabinet and be level. If clips are used to secure the shelves, there must be at least four clips, all in good condition. Once an initial assessment of the flammable cabinet shelving has been conducted, a schedule to recheck the cabinets should be established and followed through on.

If you have cabinets that were purchased used, it is possible that the shelves in place are not the original shelves or even not appropriate for your particular cabinet. When a used cabinet is purchased, any missing or damaged clips need to be replaced prior to putting the cabinet into use.

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