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Flammable Permits vs. Flammable License

Be careful not to confuse a flammable permit with a flammable license. These are two very different regulatory processes stipulated in 527 CMR 1.00, Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code. When discussing flammable permitting, the terms permit and license should not be used interchangeably.

In accordance with the Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code, companies using and storing flammable materials are required to hold a flammable storage permit with the local fire department.  The town Fire Department issues flammable permits through their established process, and a permit is required to store and use any amount of flammable material. When licensing thresholds stipulated in Table of 527 CMR 1.00 are exceeded, a flammable license must be obtained in addition to the flammable permit.  Obtaining a flammable license is a much more complicated process, which involves going before the local licensing commission.  Even when a flammable license is held, a flammable permit must still be obtained and renewed on an annual basis.

This can become complicated in multi-tenant buildings. Each tenant is responsible for holding their own flammable permit, and each tenant may be below the license thresholds.  However, if there are multiple tenants with significant volumes of flammable materials, the license thresholds can be exceeded for the building.  If the aggregate quantity of flammable materials exceeds the thresholds for the building, the landlord is typically responsible for obtaining a flammable license to cover all of the flammable materials in the building.

Remember to keep the terminology straight to avoid confusion.

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