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Featuring Beth Graham, One of Our Regular Blog Writers

In this post, we interview Beth Graham, our Associate Director of Quality, Research, and Training, who is one of our regular blog writers each week!

As we start to add more guest blogs, both from internal and external members of the company, we will spotlight our internal writers and their expertise.

Learn more about Beth, what inspires her to write, and what she does in QRT below!

What does a typical day look like for you in QRT?

I’m not sure there is a typical day! That said, most days are a combination of supporting newer consultants with their work through in-person and remote meetings and training and reviewing their client deliverables. Most days also include supporting more senior consultants often by email, phone calls, and QRT “Office Hours.”

Sometimes the support for consultants includes onsite mentoring visits at clients. A portion of my day also involves targeting and coordinating professional development for consultants. Many days also include updating and maintaining Safety Partners EHS program resources. Some days also include working with the Sales & Marketing group to provide technical support for sales initiatives which is always fun, and of course, there’s the Safety Tips Blog several times a month!


What do you see that sets QRT apart from other employee support initiatives?

When I first started at Safety Partners, support for employees was provided exclusively by the Team Leaders. I feel that having this extra level of support benefits both consultants (and their Team Leaders!). It also benefits our clients as there is an additional level of review on deliverables submitted to ensure consistency and high quality.

Clients also benefit from the behind the scenes support QRT provides to their assigned consultant(s). We have received positive feedback on the benefits of having QRT from both our own employees, prospective employees, and clients since the group was formed.

I believe that having a group such as QRT is somewhat unique in the industry and is part of what sets Safety Partners apart from its competitors.


How long have you been writing blogs for Safety Partners?

I’m relatively new to this! My first blog was published on the Safety Partners website on May 7, 2019. It was actually the first blog I’d ever written, and I had to research blog writing tips before I wrote it!


We know you like to write, what is that you like most about writing?

Although I was new to blogging when I started doing it for Safety Partners, I have always enjoyed writing. I like business writing and technical writing; don’t ask me to write a poem, or anything too creative for that matter! I’m not exactly sure what I like about it, but I do find it rewarding to be able to present technical information in a clear, coherent, and well organized written form.

I took some classes in technical editing and began working as a technical editor in between EHS positions and just before starting at Safety Partners. I’m glad I decided to stay in the EHS field, and one of the things that have been great about my various roles at Safety Partners, and especially now in QRT, is that I get to do quite a bit of technical and business writing and editing!

This blog was written by Beth Graham, our Associate Director of Quality, Research, and Training who has been with us for the last 11 years.

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