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EPA Proposed Regulation of Nanoscale Materials

On March 25, 2015, EPA proposed one-time reporting and recordkeeping requirements for chemical substances in the nanoscale range. The reporting requirements for the materials already in commerce would include the chemical identity, production volume, methods of manufacture, processing, use, exposure and release information, and available health and safety data.

Under the TSCA section 8(a) rule, more information would be gathered in an effort to determine if any further action, including additional information collection under TSCA, is necessary. The increasing recognition of the potential for nanoscale materials to present unique hazards to both people and the environment has driven the EPA to consider additional requirements. The proposed rule differs from existing TSCA Chemical Data Reporting requirements because the proposed rule would require one-time reporting for existing nanoscale materials and one-time reporting requirements for new discrete nanoscale materials before they are manufactured or processed, for any production volume. The proposed reporting would also require more specific data than existing reporting requirements.

Comments to this proposed rule must be received on or before July 6, 2015.

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