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Encouraging Safety as a New Year’s Resolution?

Establishing and maintaining a well-organized and compliant environmental, health, and safety program should be high on the priority list for all companies. The level of the program necessary depends on many factors, however all employees should be encouraged to make safety a priority.

If you know a co-worker that needs a little nudge to improve their view of the importance of safety, consider taking advantage of the New Year and encourage them to make 2015 the year of improved safety awareness. Maybe there are lab employees that do not feel that personal protective equipment is necessary because they are careful, maybe chemical storage could be improved, maybe labeling of bottles in the lab could be improved, maybe the idea to maintain a biological inventory could come to fruition in 2015…

Almost every safety program can be improved on some level, and EH&S programs are supported by employees that realize the value of EH&S. Take advantage of the start to 2015 and encourage safety at your work place. Here’s to a safe and happy 2015!

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