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New Yorkers, as the New Year approaches, are you ready to submit the annual DSNY Solid Waste Plan?

New York City is renowned for the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square. What is less known, however, are the compliance requirements for NYC generators of regulated medical waste. Regulated medical waste (commonly known as biological waste) is regulated by state and local agencies in New York City. While the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Health regulate the waste at the state level, the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) regulates waste at the city level.

According to the New York City Administrative Code § 16-120.1, it is unlawful to store, treat, transport or dispose of regulated medical waste or laboratory waste except in the manner prescribed by state and local regulations, and it is unlawful to dispose of such waste in the solid waste disposal system.

To track proper disposal of regulated medical waste, generators of regulated medical waste or other medical waste must file a “Solid Waste Removal Plan” with the DSNY. The Solid Waste Removal Plan, which is a form provided the DSNY, must be submitted annually. While the DSNY does not specify a submission deadline, it is recommended that the form and supporting documentation for 2021 be submitted by February 2022.  

The Solid Waste Removal Plan asks for the quantity of regulated medical waste and solid waste generated each month, contact information for the generator’s regulated medical waste and solid waste haulers, and contact information of the final disposal sites. The form must be submitted with the most up-to-date medical waste tracking form. 

For more information about the Solid Waste Removal Plan, check out the DSNY Annual Solid Waste Removal Plan website or contact us at info@safetypartnersinc.com.

This blog was written by Rae Moore, Quality, Research, and Training Specialist.

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