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Do You Know What Happens After Hours?

With a holiday weekend approaching, and many people getting ready for vacations and weekend plans, ask yourself if you are confidently aware of what happens after hours at your facility. Is there an established policy for signing in and out after hours? Are there restrictions on the type of work that can be conducted? Are visitors allowed to accompany employees stopping in for a quick visit on the way to a barbecue?

Establishing a policy that requires all employees to sign in and out after hours not only establishes what ‘after hours’ means, but helps ensure that people are aware of others present in the building while they are working after hours. When signing in, employees can check to see if others are present so they are not startled when they turn the corner and run into their coworker. And of course, having a record of the employees present is critical in case of any kind of emergency situation. It is also important to consider placing restrictions on the hazardous materials that can be utilized after hours. If hazardous materials are used after hours, ensure all employees have the proper training and know what to do in the event of an incident. Overnight reactions should be evaluated and SOPs established to encourage safety checks prior to leaving for the day.

Take a moment to ask yourself if you are aware of what happens after hours at your facility. If there are any uncertainties, be sure to address them.

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