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Conduct Job Safety Analyses on Equipment

Are there any new pieces of equipment in your labs that need a job safety analyses conducted on them to evaluate potential hazards?

In an ideal setting, EHS personnel are notified when new equipment is purchased so set-up, hazards, proper procedures, and waste can all be evaluated. Sometimes researchers will proactively ask questions about the hazards associated with new equipment. And other times, EHS personnel have to take a more proactive approach to looking for new pieces of equipment being utilized in the labs. Whatever procedure is in place at your facility, conducting job safety analyses on pieces of equipment is a critical step in providing worker safety.

Job safety analyses evaluate the physical and health hazards associated with equipment operations, and provide recommendations for improving worker safety. Evaluating the effectiveness of the personal protective equipment being worn, ergonomic hazards, spill potential, injury potential, and more should be part of any job safety analysis.

If you have not done so recently, take the time to look around your labs to see if any new pieces of equipment are in operation.

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