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Conduct an Annual Review of Waste Stream Information Profiles

Waste stream information profiles (WIPs) should be in place for the common waste streams generated at your facility.  The licensed waste hauler removing waste from your site will help establish these profiles based on the composition and hazards associated with constituents of the streams.  Once established, it is easy to overlook conducting routine re-evaluations for continued accuracy; however the importance of sporadic re-evaluations cannot be understated.

As lab procedures change, modifications to the waste streams will occur.  It’s important that hazmat employees responsible for preparing waste for off-site disposal discuss the waste streams with the generators on a regular basis to verify that labels are accurate.  This is particularly true when using pre-printed labels on satellite accumulation area containers because generators are not prompted to write the constituents when disposing of hazardous waste.   Once changes are made to waste streams, it is crucial to update the hazardous waste hauler if changes to the WIP are necessary.  Information contained in WIPs includes the constituents, DOT shipping information, physical characteristics, waste codes, and a generator certification.  The accuracy of this information allows for appropriate handling, transport, and disposal.  Remember all waste generators are responsible for their waste – cradle to grave!

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