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What our clients are saying about us


What our clients are saying about us

In my 20 years of working in Boston-area biotech companies, I can’t think of a company that has not benefited, directly or indirectly, from the advice and insight of Safety Partners.

Nagesh K. Mahanthappa

I can’t really think of anything I’d change. Our CSO Nicole is great, very responsive when I have questions, super helpful, and checks in from time to time if she hasn’t heard from me in a while which I appreciate. Also as a small company, being able to set up an SOW with no retainer or minimum hours is very helpful to us.

Safety Partners is very observant regarding lab walkthrough items that need to be addressed. Labeling, permits, training, regulation research, knowledge of best practices, etc. are all strong skills.

It is great to work with Sara. She’s friendly, extremely professional, and well organized. She always tries to find the (least painful) solutions for our safety procedures. I feel that she is often underappreciated but absolutely vital for us! Under all the uncertainty during COVID, she’s been wonderful to have on-site.

Always so happy to hear when your team is involved with our tenants…puts our mind at ease! Would highly recommend you to all of the companies we work with!

With Safety Partners on our team, we are able to tap their broad EHS expertise to help us ensure the safety of our operations. Safety Partners is an integral part of our safety EHS team.

I’ve been working with Safety Partners for over five years. Whenever I have needed anything at all from Safety Partners, whether lab training to code compliance, it has always been a pleasure. I found everyone who works there to helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.

Safety Partners has allowed my team the benefit of having an EHS Professional on staff without having a full-time permanent position which would not be practical for the size of our business. The EHS expertise and services provided meet all of our needs and we are extremely satisfied with their service.

It has been a pleasure to work with Safety Partners over the last 8 years. Safety Partners is responsive, reliable, and consistent. We couldn’t have supported our growing biosafety program without them! Jennifer Savicky and Linda Epstein, who is currently working with us, and all of the Safety Partners staff are such a pleasure to work with.

As a veteran of several start-up companies, one of the first calls I make is to Safety Partners. In my latest role at Arrakis Therapeutics, Safety Partners has helped us establish our first lab facility and the various permits and guidelines we needed to have in place and is now helping us move to a new, much larger facility. The CSOs I have worked with have been essential support in building a culture of lab efficiency and safety. 

Great job goes to Tom Fenton for getting us our rDNA permit during the pandemic shutdown! We are very happy with Tom and our Safety Partners relationship.

I am emailing to let you know how pleased I am with our Safety Partners team we have working on site! Led by Michelle Lugus, Abby, Todd, and Caroline, the team has been amazing at ensuring no task was incomplete, no inspection was missed, assisting with Covid-19 safety plans, and assisting with additional projects as needed – all while in the midst of a pandemic. Your team’s dedication, professionalism, and willingness to help stand out on a regular basis. I just want to share with you how fantastic they are and we are very pleased with all that they do. 

I wish to take this chance to express my appreciation to the support of you and Safety Partners to Elucida. It is a great pleasure working with you and with Safety Partners, and without your support, we would not be able to set up our new lab in such a great way.

I am very grateful for our Safety Partners Rep., Caroline, and all of her help and hard work! Caroline – nice going! You have made a strong positive impact at The Engine. Thank you!

Our CSO Denise has been instrumental in helping us build and promote a strong safety culture as we’ve expanded into a new facility. We are a small company with an emphasis on lean and agile operations, and so it has been a blessing to have access to a Safety Partners CSO that we can count on. To date, Denise has been an immense help with tasks ranging from chemical inventory management, permitting, and safety policy drafting. 

As a start-up in the medical device / Biotech industry, there were so many pitfalls to navigate. After a brief consultation, Safety Partners performed an initial assessment and within hours they understood the needs of our company. Safety Partners is an invaluable resource that every company should consider. 

Thank you to Safety Partners and our advisor Mary for helping us transition into our first private lab. She was instrumental in the process and provided the seasoned safety knowledge and detail-oriented support we needed. Highly recommended!

It’s been great having Safety Partners’ help and expertise throughout the process of establishing our new lab, from permitting to EHS training. Safety Partners has been a very helpful resource!

Elizabeth Petit

We’ve been using SP staff to walk through our labs to ensure COVID compliance. The staff has been helpful in doing so. They provide detailed reports of the findings and handle situations with professional discretion. 

Sooooo, what can I say about Isaac, except WOW! He is such a great guy to work with in general, makes extremely valuable contributions in our (tedious) weekly COVID Task Force meetings, and has also made other significant improvements in our labs since he started with us! Overall, he is a great resource for our EH&S Associate Director (Edward), and I truly appreciate his unfailing support throughout the Gritstone Cambridge sites at 40 and 21 Erie. 

Sara Evarts has been an invaluable help to our company during these testing times. She helped us complete our yearly training for employees, and prepare a new Chemical Hygiene Plan and Lab Manual. Looking forward to working with Sara and Safety Partners again in 2021!

C2I Accelerator is a proud member of Safety Partners. The services and expertise that Safety Partners have provided, are crucial to the C2I’s operations. The safety team has assisted C2I to create adequate safety plans for our resident companies. Thank you, Safety Partners, for your service and guidance over the years. 

Sara Evarts, our CSO, has been a pleasure to work with. She’s organized, responsive, and has an impressive wealth of knowledge that has been fundamental to taking the stress out of compliance. I will always recommend Safety Partners when it comes to all things Safety.

I’ve worked for multiple biotech companies through the years, and Safety Partners continually provides fantastic services to build and maintain safe lab and office environments. The Safety Partners CSOs allow me to focus on company-specific support because I know that the safety program is in great hands.

Our EH&S program has been in the careful hands of champions Consulting Safety Officer, Audrey Molina, for over two years and we couldn’t be more fortunate and grateful for all the work she has done to bring us to where we are now with safety compliance. Collaborating with Audrey this past year and with Scott in the past three months has been a pleasure and we are confident Scott will continue to help us stay safe and compliant. 

Thank you (Ann Marie Zavacki) for your monumental and methodical efforts in the last month and a half in getting our IBC and rDNA registration off the ground and successfully orchestrating today’s important meeting. Excellent work!

Megan Bariteau

Safety Partners was instrumental in getting our lab up and running last year. They ensured we had everything we needed to operationalize in only a few short months. Their staff is knowledgeable and always responsive. I could not think of a better partner for our startup company. 

Safety Partners is a wonderful resource. They have been crucial in helping us make a smooth transition after relocating our lab. They provide expertise in safety procedures, permits and trainings that are needed to maintain compliance within our lab facility. Everyone we have worked with has been professional, reliable and available to answer any questions we may have. We are extremely satisfied with their services and it has been a pleasure working with them. 

Thanks very much for connecting! Rae has been amazingly helpful to us as we get ready to open LaunchLabs – Columbia. 

Working with Safety Partners has really helped us with compliance, including planning, training, and documentation. They are responsive and willing to work with our unique needs. As a small company, we really value their services. 

Safety Partners was instrumental through our lab building process and continues to support us as we grow as a company. We started with Safety Partners during our building process; they provided guidance on regulations and safety procedures necessary for compliance and to protect our employees. They helped with permitting and various tasks upon occupancy. Since we moved, Safety Partners has continued to have an important presence at our site; they provide safety and lab training yearly for our employees, they help us with permit renewal and were an important voice during the COVID back to work period; drafting an addendum to our manual on COVID to ensure federal and state compliance. 

As a young biotech in the highly competitive greater Boston area, we deeply value and appreciate the help from Safety Partners. It is with their diligent help and guidance that we were able to quickly establish our compliance & safety program. We like the fact that they truly understand clients’ needs, and be able to work closely towards the goal. Highly recommended! 

I’ve worked closely with Safety Partners for almost 20 years. Safety Partner’s Consulting Safety Officers and management team leaders are great partners who bring a collaborative communication style to our daily conversations with scientists, lab technicians, and lab facility personnel. Dina, our Consulting Safety Officer, has an impressive depth of knowledge in health and safety guidelines, chemistry, and problem-solving. She is the calm in our daily lab lives that gives us focus and direction with all EHS issues as they arise. We follow best practices daily thanks to Safety Partners. 

Thank you for all Safety Partners has done to make Greentown Labs a safer place, it is a pleasure to work with you. 

Safety Partners has proven themselves to be a dependable and knowledgeable resource in implementing our EH&S program, as consulting safety officers, and ensuring continued compliance. Safety Partners consultants stand out for their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to their clients.

Their team of experts, who are well-versed in the latest regulations and guidelines, are always up-to-date on changes that may affect their clients. They are responsive and proactive in addressing any concerns or questions that arise, and work collaboratively with their clients.