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Check Your Package Receipt Procedure

If you are running a radiation safety program, be sure that the individuals trained to receive shipments of radioactive material are following the established package receipt procedure. The procedure should clearly explain the entire process of how the package will be received from the vendor through being placed into the final on-site storage location.

The individuals trained on the package receipt procedure should be made fully aware of the notification requirements for packages that appear to be damaged. If receiving personnel are responsible for handing the package over to other trained individuals to complete the remaining steps in the procedure, a clearly designated secure location needs to be established to leave the package for further processing. Clear notification requirements on the arrival of the package are a critical step in the process. Remember that packages of radioactive material need to be checked in within three hours of receipt.

If you have not recently taken the time to review and update your radioactive material package receipt procedure, now would be a good time!

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