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Check Expiration Dates

When conducting monthly checks of the emergency equipment available throughout your facility, be sure to check the expiration dates. This includes supplies in the first aid kits, AED supplies, emergency eyewash bottles, and any other emergency supplies with expiration dates.

It is easy to skip over checking expiration dates when conducting these checks and only focus on verifying that the necessary supplies are in place. You want to avoid running into a situation where it appears that a supply is available, but someone discovers that it is expired when they are in a situation requiring the use of that supply. If the supply vendor is conducting the monthly checks, it is a good idea to spot check the kits and supplies on a routine basis to verify that the expiration dates are being monitored.

When developing a program to check the emergency equipment on a routine basis, it is a good idea to develop a checklist of emergency equipment locations and contents. This serves as a reminder to the individuals conducting the checks as well as documentation that the checks are occurring.

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