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Blood Donation Program Implementation

The use of fresh blood drawn from company employees is sometimes required when timelines in experiments are too tight to use of an outside blood supply vendor. Whenever possible, it is preferred that an outside blood supply vendor be used rather than an in-house blood donation program being established.

When establishing an in-house blood donation program, there are numerous considerations to take into account. The legal department of your institution should be involved from the start of the process to ensure that all legal considerations are covered. An evaluation of the need to establish an Institutional Review Board must be conducted. These general elements should be considered early on in the implementation, as well as the specifics of how the blood will be drawn, how it will be transported to the lab, how donor confidentially will be maintained, etc.

One tip that should be included in any in-house blood donation program is to never allow a researcher to work with their own blood in the laboratory if the blood has been manipulated in any way. If a researcher is exposed to their modified blood, their body would not recognize it as foreign material.

If the research at your institution dictates the need for an in-house blood donation program, make sure you cover all issues prior to implementation.

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