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Be Sure to Submit Your LLRW Survey!

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Radiation Control Program tracks the generation and disposal of low-level radioactive waste produced in Massachusetts every year. This is accomplished through requiring a completed LLRW survey from all licensed facilities every year.

Generally speaking, low level radioactive waste is waste generated from long-lived isotopes having a half-life greater than 120 days.  This waste must be shipped off-site for disposal at a facility licensed to handle this type of waste.  When shipping radioactive waste intended for disposal at a licensed facility, the information required on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Uniform Low-Level Radioactive Waste Manifest must be documented.

Facilities licensed to work with radioactive material are able to decay in storage waste generated from isotopes with a short half-life.  This waste is stored on-site in a dedicated storage location for ten half-lives, and then surveyed to verify proper decay prior to disposal.  All disposal of radioactive waste must be done in strict conformance with MA DPH Radiation Control Program and NRC regulations.


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