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Be Prepared for Unannounced Regulatory Inspections

How would the EHS program at your company be presented to a regulator that showed up at your door unannounced?  Being prepared is essential.

Many people use Memorial Day weekend as a time to prepare for the summer.  The long weekend is often spent planting the garden and catching up on never ending yard work.  Hopefully finding some time to relax and enjoy the nice weather is mixed in as well!

If you have not done so already, take the time to prepare your EHS program for a spot inspection. Regulatory agencies such as the DEP, EPA, FAA, MWRA, DOT, and local Fire Departments are a few of the authorities that conduct inspections without advanced notice.  Presenting a regulator with a compliant and organized EHS program from the minute they step into your company makes the entire process much smoother for everyone.  Educating the individuals that would greet regulators at the door on the proper response and key internal contacts to notify of their arrival will get an inspection off to a good start.  Having organized central safety files to easily pull requested documents from shows the regulator that EHS is important to the company and the program is well run.  Consider holding a training session for your safety team to review key program elements that would be inspected, so there are multiple people that would be able to walk an inspector through the program with ease.

No one wants to start their summer off by receiving a notice of non-compliance or notice of violation, so make sure your program is compliant, organized, and can be presented to an inspector as such.

Wishing you all a safe Memorial Day weekend! Stay relaxed with the peace of mind that your company would pass an inspection with flying colors!

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