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Be Prepared for Spring

It finally appears that spring is on its way and there will be no more snow! Be prepared for spring by thinking about your PPE policy and consider any spring cleaning that could happen in your labs.

Everyone is anxious for warm weather in New England. Take time to remind staff about the need for closed toed shoes and full leg coverage while working in the lab. Even though researchers may be eager to wear flip flops into work, they should have a spare pair of shoes that provide full foot coverage to change into. Remind lab staff now before bad habits develop for the summer.

Spring cleaning does not have to end at home, and can be brought into the labs. Consider asking researchers to dispose of the chemicals that have been sitting around untouched for years. Dispose of waste containers that are no longer needed or have been in use for extended periods of time. Reduce general clutter and encourage tidy, organized labs.

Enjoy the warm weather!

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