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Are Your Radiation Safety Program Files Organized?

Any facility issued a radioactive materials license by The Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s (MDPH) Bureau of Environmental Health’s (BEH) Radiation Control Program (RCP) is required to maintain records in accordance with 105 CMR 120.

Accurate and detailed recordkeeping is a major component of a compliant radiation safety program. In addition to the stipulations found in 105 CMR 120, details of the required records will be further stipulated in the facility specific license conditions. While there are too many detailed recordkeeping requirements to discuss in full, standard requirements include tracking source material receipt, use, and disposal. Documentation of the annual audits of the radiation safety program should be maintained, as well as the corrective actions taken to correct any deficiencies identified. The radiation use area surveys and inventories of radioactive materials in-house are integral parts of a program that is well documented.

Documenting the required records is the first step in a compliant program, and the next step is fully organizing the documentation. Records must be maintained for the time periods stipulated in 105 CMR 120, and should be organized so that any document can easily be retrieved when requested by an inspector. Establishing a centralized recordkeeping system supports organized and compliant documentation, which can make an unannounced regulatory inspection run smoothly. Are your files organized so that a specific document could easily be retrieved?

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