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Annual Compliance Report for Photo Processing and Printing Operations

Facilities issued an MWRA Group Permit for Photo Processing and Printing Operations are required to submit their annual compliance report by March 31, 2014.  Are you working on yours yet?

Wastewater discharge from much of the eastern region of Massachusetts falls under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA); although there are several towns that fall under other jurisdictions, such as Greater Lawrence Sanitary District and South Essex Sewerage District.  The MWRA regulates sewer use through the Toxic Reduction and Control (TRAC) department, and requires that a discharge permit be in place prior to discharging any industrial waste. Every town in MWRA territory is assigned an Industrial Coordinator to oversee sewer system compliance with 360 CMR 10 in the town.

As is the case with many permits, there are different categories of permit holders.  Numerous factors contribute to the designation of permit status including facility type, effluent volume, potential contaminants, proposed wastewater treatment systems, etc.  In addition to different categories of permit holders, facilities are also categorized as Significant Industrial Users and Non-Significant Industrial Users.  Facilities with low industrial flows and no or low levels of regulated pollutants in their effluent can apply for Low Flow and Low Pollutant Discharge permits.

A facility conducting photo processing or printing is eligible for a Group Permit for Photo Processing (processing color and black & white prints and slides, including x-rays and microfilms) and Printing Operations (lithography using presensitized plates) if the conditions of 360 CMR 10.061 are met.  All holders of a group permit are required to submit an annual compliance report for their photo processing and printing operations, which includes silver sample results, a copy of the maintenance and sample log, and a certification report.  If you are a holder of one of these permits, make sure you submit your annual compliance report by March 31, 2014 to avoid penalties.

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