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Address Chemicals of Specific Concern

Do you know which chemicals in your inventory are highly hazardous, require special handling procedures, or require specific storage considerations? There are various measures that can be put into place to screen and track chemicals of special concern so the answer to this question is always yes.

Establishing a form of chemical gatekeeping to screen for chemicals that require special attention is one of the first steps to take to flag incoming chemicals before they arrive on site. This is a critical step to ensure that proper engineering controls are available prior to the material being received, and a thorough review can initiate proper receiving and handling practices. When conducting chemical inventories, keep an eye out for chemicals of special concern that may need follow up to determine how they are being utilized. The chance of finding surprises during chemical inventories is reduced if a gatekeeping system is implemented, but the possibility of discovering old chemicals may still exist. The generation of hazardous waste is also a consideration that needs to be addressed when dealing with chemicals of particular concern. A separate waste stream may need to be established, and a dedicated waste storage location may be necessary.

Take proactive measures to address chemicals of specific concern and implement appropriate handling procedures to avoid potential incidents.

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