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30 Years in Business!

Excited, Humbled, Proud, Determined…

This is the shortlist of my feelings as Safety Partners is poised to celebrate 30 years in business in 2022. 

It is exciting to be a niche service provider delivering high-quality services to the likes of companies such as Moderna and Pfizer and a host of startups hitting the ground running and ready to make a difference.  This is especially true as we continue to experience impacts of the ongoing pandemic highlighting the need for critical vaccines and therapies.

I’m humbled to have spent the last 15 years with Safety Partners.  It is a privilege to experience a workplace where I have been supported with many opportunities.  Together with the outstanding and dedicated colleagues, I get to work with each and every day, I also am humbled that Safety Partners is chosen and trusted by so many companies to support their EHS needs.

Safety Partners has supported over 600 companies in our 30 years in business.  I am proud that Safety Partners continues to be an essential ingredient in the MA life science sector and are growing to bring our knowledge to the NY life science sector. 

It is a proud moment to have referrals come in with the message, “You have to talk to Safety Partners, they can help you!”

As the life science industry continues to grow, I’m determined to lead Safety Partners as we focus on employee development, high-quality delivery of services, and satisfying our amazing clients.  I’m so thankful to our employees, clients, and network for making this milestone possible. 

This blog was written by Jennifer Reilly, our President, and COO.

Ahead of Safety Partners’ 30th Anniversary in 2022, Jennifer Reilly was interviewed on The Big4Bio Podcast! Listen to the episode here.

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