Ensure Consistency with Controlled Substance Registrations

Ensure Consistency with Controlled Substance Registrations

When completing researcher applications to possess controlled substances with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and MA Department of Public Health Drug Control Program, be sure the information on each application is consistent.

When initiating the application process to use and store controlled substances, the Massachusetts controlled substance registration must be obtained prior to filing the DEA application. There are various types of registrations, so be sure to select the appropriate form based on the intended use of controlled substances by the company/individual. MCSR researcher applications require that a specific individual to be named on the registration, and the DEA application must reflect this same individual. Both regulatory agencies require updates if the individual named of the registration leaves the company.

In order to avoid potential delays during the application process, ensure the information on each application is exactly the same.

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As Director of Quality Research and Training, Sarah Mueller ensures the consistency and quality of Safety Partners’ work by overseeing all aspects of knowledge management and best practices for its programs and trainings. Sarah regularly conducts research into emerging and changing regulations, and trains both clients and Safety Partners’ staff on regulations and safety standards. Sarah also oversees Safety Partners’ recruiting effort – ensuring only the best and the brightest are hired to develop, implement, and manage top-notch workplace safety programs and services.
Known for her great instincts with regard to radiation, chemical, and biological safety programs, Sarah also has been integral to the development of Safety Partners’ suite of web-based trainings and professional development courses. Prior to becoming Director of QRT, Sarah provided efficient and effective EHS services to Safety Partners clients as a Senior Consulting Safety Officer.
Prior to joining Safety Partners in 2004, Sarah was a Senior Environmental Specialist for the Department of Environment Protection, Air Compliance and Enforcement, where she was responsible for the case management of assigned facilities to ensure compliance with air pollution regulations, as well as investigating citizen complaints and training new hires. Prior to the DEP, Sarah worked in a toxicology lab at Mobil Oil Corporation. Sarah received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Lehigh University.

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